Medical officers: remember to vote.

Posted on July 30, 2015

Have you voted in the Together member ballot yet?

You can vote here.

We have negotiated an offer from QH that we think meets members' most critical concerns, and we need to hear from you before we accept the deal.

In this offer:

  • "Option A" is recognised as a recruitment and retention allowance, with no link to KPIs, or Private Practice income. (Level is reduced for doctors who choose "Option B")
  • Payment is based on roster/AVAC for On Call, Public Holidays and overtime UNLESS the individual chooses to annualise;
  • The limited protections against fatigue are restored;
  • Fairness in car allowance for part-time SMOs – previously received about 50% of pro-rata amount;
  • Extended hours rosters were discussed at length. Doctors are required to consider suggestions for extended hours rosters, but cannot be compelled to agree to them.

Note also that:

  • As in MOCA3, Option A is only recognised for superannuation under the Federal Guarantee (i.e. not for Defined Benefit)
  • We were unable to negotiate a mechanism to approve, recognise and pay for "work at home' – that is very long phone calls or clinical work involving new technology (telemedicine, reviewing X-rays or electronic records), so this work should still be performed in the hospital

It is important that you read and consider the offer carefully and cast your vote – the documents are linked here.

Come along to meetings (there is a list here) or contact our Together union office for more information – or call 1800 177 244.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank Dan Goldman who has done a great job of being our lead negotiator in this process and keeping us all well informed along the way.

I look forward to hearing what you think about the offer – remember to vote.

1800 177 244