Medical Officers: Mental Health Act – Implementation and Reviews

Posted on March 3, 2017

Next year we negotiate again for a new certified agreement for Medical Officers. Right now we need to make sure we make the most of the current MOCA4 agreement and the improvements promised to you.

There are a range of matters that still need to be addressed under your agreement such as:

  • Development of best practice rostering guidelines
  • Consideration of adequate medical staffing levels to address increasing clinical needs
  • Consider telehealth and use of technology on call  
  • Clarify public holiday and standby arrangements

To get the most out of these reviews, we need members to be actively involved in all specialities and in each HHS and state-wide service. See more about these processes below and express an interest or send feedback to

New Mental Health Act

Yesterday representatives from the QNMU and I met with the Chief Psychiatrist about the new Mental Health Act and the Public Health Act and some of the changes that will impact on HPs who work in mental health.

The new Act takes effect from midnight this Saturday night / Sunday morning and there is a large amount of information on the Queensland Health website.

The Chief Psychiatrist was also able to clarify a range of matters relating to seclusion, restraint and searches of patients under both of these acts and the related offence provisions.

Some members had raised issues recently about local policies that were being released without briefing for staff. If you have any questions or concerns about local procedures get in touch with us here –

See more from that meeting here.

Current reviews

There are a range of opportunities to be involved right now. Please click through to get further information below:

Send any comments, concerns and questions to

1800 177 244