Medical Officers: Vote now for Together doctors' hard-won improvements to pay and conditions

Posted on May 2, 2019

I'm writing to remind Together members of the importance of voting for your MOCA5 Agreement, in support of the improvements to pay and conditions won by Together doctors members late last year. You should have received ballot instructions from GoVote.  Together encourages you to vote in support of the Agreement ahead of the upcoming 7 May deadline.

Your new MOCA5 Agreement was negotiated and agreed in principle last year. 

It now contains 44 important and hard-won improvements for all groups of Together doctor members, including all SMOs and RMOs, as well as doctors in Rural and Remote locations.   

Together doctors won the biggest increase in many years to allowances for all medical officers. 

Together members also argued and won new and pioneering conditions, such as new Digital Recall provisions. For those covered by Digital Recall, this will mean better pay and protections against the risks of under-remunerated work due to technological creep.

Importantly, we negotiated no loss of entitlements and full backpay to the expiry of the agreement – 1 July 2018.

Click here to read more about those improvements, view the draft agreement, and access information about the ballot and voting.

To vote for your improvements to medical officers' pay and conditions, please follow your voting instructions and submit your vote as soon as possible, by Tuesday 7 May 5:00pm.

The Together office is working with all parties to fast-track the certification of your agreement so that you can receive your backpay before end of financial year (30 June). This is important and we have been pushing all parties to meet that timeframe. As such and subject to a successful ballot, the Department of Health has confirmed that backpay will be on track to be paid to you before June 30.

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this successful MOCA5 EB Campaign! We look forward to members voting in support of the agreement, and to continuing the hard work to get these EB wins implemented for members.

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