MCC: QIRC dispute and night nurse shift motion

Posted on November 11, 2019

On Friday we met with MCC management. This meeting was to discuss the outcome of the QIRC dispute which recommended that we review the team leaders’ roster.

To facilitate these continuing discussions the Union office would like your feedback.

  • What do you think is good about the current team leaders’ roster?
  • What do you think doesn’t work with the current team leaders’ roster?
  • What do you think could make things better?

Please respond by 21 November 2019 to Your responses will be collated, run past the delegates’ committee and then sent on to management.

You may be aware that Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service had indicated that they would be ceasing the night nurse shift from 18 November.  Following representations made by Together and the local member Bruce Saunders this has been delayed for 3 months. Thanks to Bruce for all his passion in assisting us with this issue.

This morning the following motion was passed by members. 

We, the Together members of MCC, are dismayed by the decision to remove the nurse after midnight from MCC. This decision has serious implications for staff, inmates and our community in that:

  1. It will place increased pressure on staffing levels at MCC. If an inmate needs medical attention, staff will be needed to escort inmates to hospital, which will leave the centre short staffed. This places the remaining Correctional Officers at risk;
  2. It will place increased pressure on staff at WBHHS Emergency Wards. Our fellow together members at WBHHS already have concerns with workloads and bed shortages, without their working situation being exacerbated by inmates being sent to Hospital because there is no nurse at the gaol. We have found that since the decision to stop “obs” at MCC, prisoners have had to remain in Hospital longer, stretching the resources in the local hospitals unnecessarily when “obs” can be done at the centre as it was 18 months ago;
  3. It will increase the potential opportunities to bring drugs into MCC;
  4. It will place pressure on ambulance services in Fraser Coast;
  5. There will be an increased risk for escapes; and
  6. There will be a delay in inmates receiving health care which could be critical. The above points lead us to conclude it is utterly unacceptable for nursing shift (after midnight) to be taken away.

We call upon Queensland Corrections, Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service to source funding to retain the Nursing position after midnight, by COB Wednesday 29th January 2020.
We will consider our options Thursday 30th January 2020 if the role is not fully funded.

I am hopeful this decision will be reversed. However we should not be complacent. I will let you know as the Union office hears more about this issue.

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