Mater members: stickers action this week!

Posted on September 9, 2019

This week and next, union members at Mater are wearing stickers as part of industrial action to seek to improve Mater's offer to you and your colleagues. This action is another opportunity to take a stand as part of your Collective Agreement campaign. It is an important week to send a message to Mater!

If you need a sticker, please let me know by emailing and we will arrange to get them to you.

Your agreement has now expired and in negotiations over the past few months, Mater has only proposed cuts to your conditions. Here are just a few examples:

  • 15-20% pay cut to new staff in Pathology and Pharmacy. (Cuts this large will eventually affect everyone as they break apart the fabric of your agreement, pitting profession against profession)
  • Cuts to protections around directions to take leave.
  • Drop in casual loading from 25% to 23%
  • Removal of commitment to negotiate again, 3 months prior to expiry of agreement.

Mater has not addressed your list of improvements (see them here) or even presented anything that doesn’t remove your conditions.

That’s why it's stickers on. This is only the beginning - more noise to come!

While your delegates continue to advocate and negotiate we know that their convincing arguments are not enough. That's why, in the next couple of weeks we will be asking you to consider what protected collective action you're prepared to take.

When union members take action, workers win, and so do your clients.

There’s a lot to be improved at the Mater. The sticker week is just the start. Let’s make sure it's a strong one!

Looking forward to seeing you wearing the stickers.

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