Mater: Join in to vote no.

Posted on January 29, 2020

In case you missed it - Mater management yesterday sent you their draft agreement with details on how to vote.

Mater management has stated the vote will open on Wednesday 5 February at 12:01am and close on Friday 7 February at 4:00pm.

In this ballot – union members are asking all staff to join them in voting no.

You are ready for this! REMEMBER this is what you have done so far:

  • 350 Mater staff signed a petition (that's 60% of HPs), calling for a fair deal for Pathology and Pharmacy – this saw management make tweaks to a broken structure.
  • You took industrial action, put up signs, wore stickers and stopped work - this saw a new final offer be made by management that moved them on some key issues.

Now you have to do it again. 251 staff voting no in this ballot will stop the agreement being put in place, and will send Mater management another message that HPs won't accept cuts to conditions. Importantly, it will send Mater management a message that you are organised as health professionals and union members, that you deserve respect and an agreement that understands and values the important work you do for our community and patients.

So it's time to stand together and to vote no.

Here is a list of dates and times where union members are coming together for a morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea to vote no.

Your union office is going to bring some cakes, lollies and 'vote no' stickers – this is open to everyone – bring a colleague and enjoy a slice of cake (or two).


Date and Time

Physio Department

In the Office area where staff eat lunch.

Wednesday 5 February 12:30pm

Mater Private Rehab

Annerley Road Lunch room

Wednesday 5 February 12:30pm

Dietetics and Allied health

Allied Health Lunch Room in the Salmon Building

Thursday 6 February 9:00am

Occupational Therapy and Social work

in the OT Lunch area

Thursday 6 February 12:30pm

Biomedical Engineers

In the Biomed Lunch Room

Thursday 6 February 1:30pm

Pathology Main Lab

Level 6 Lunch Room

Thursday 6 February 10:00am

Friday 7 February 12:30pm

Pathology Duncombe

Lunch Room

Thursday 6 Feb 10:00am

Friday 7 February at 2:00pm

Mater At Home

Lunch Room

Friday 7 February 7:30am

1800 177 244