Mater Health Services - Administrative, Operational, Engineering and other Employees Enterprise Agreement Update

Posted February 29, 2012 by Alex Scott

At the meeting on the 15 February your union responded to the Mater Log of Claims. To see this document - click here Mater LOC. Each of the items we discussed and our responses are detailed below

  1. Change the term recreation leave to annual leave. Our union wanted to understand why - the Mater said to be consistent with Fair Work Act. - Our Union didn't believe this is necessary but will give response in future.
  2. Salary sacrificing clause - Our Union does not believe this needs to be in the EBA it is currently a part of the SOMPak policy, and therefore not required to be included in the EBA.
  3. Direction to take leave - Our response - We have spoken to members and they are very clear this is a NO. Concerns are around disparity between staff on different agreements, could/would then create a flow on to other enterprise agreements. We are interested in your further feedback on this item - email us with your comments.
  4. Change in wording with respect to clause 8.3 Targeted Training - Operational Stream. AWU (the union representing the affected members) is asking for rationale.
  5. Changes to Protected Policies. Union has raised issue that the protected IRMs from the enterprise agreements have already been changed without the agreement of the parties. Some of these policies have been changed to reflect Qhealth agreed changes. Mater will look into this and report back at the next meeting.  As to the changes to the policies we have reserved our rights while we wait the outcome of the current changes.
  6. Removal of historical reclassification clauses. We have asked that the Mater confirm which clauses they are referring to specifically and to confirm that these reviews have been completed.  So if you are a) Medical Records Officers; b) Ward Clerks; c) Switchboard Operators; d) Emergency Department Administrative Stream employees please let us know if you do NOT believe these clauses have been implemented - might be good for us to include a copy of the clause from the EBA so members can see what it says….
  7. SHAW Unit to review part 7 and OH&S provisions. Unions pointed out that the 'parties' should be involved and not just the SHAW unit. We pointed out it is very difficult to agree to a review that was so open. The Mater advised that they didn't have the wording as it was only a review to comply with updated legislation.
  8. Other - Our union will need to see the changes before agreeing.

Mater again advised that they will agree to any initiative that QHealth would fund.  The unions again clarified that the pay rise was 3% without any productivity improvements. We asked them to give us a list of the items that they were asking Qhealth for funding.  They said they would get back to us on this matter. They did confirm that they were seeking the full 3% funding.

We note that the Mater on the intranet has placed the following in their update to staff:

It is important to note that the Mater is restricted in what it can offer it's employees, as any conditions or pay increases have to be funded by QH. We would ask you to bear this in mind when looking at the various claims. Mater is however open to looking at ways in which we can improve on the current agreement for Mater employees.

The Mater's position appears clear - that they are not going to agree to anything that is not a part of the Qhealth EB8 agreement even though they are looking for concessions from members around other conditions. We are interested in your view on this.  Is it fair for the Mater to only offer what Qld Health will fund, but not allow us to have items included that Qld Health staff already have access to?


Your negotiators need your help

We need to gather further examples to back-up our claims.  So drop us a line if you have examples of items relating to the claim - we are particularly keen to know of any work that has been contracted out - that you know would save money if done in-house by Mater staff (contracting in claim).  Send us your examples and we'll use them in the negotiations.

Do YOU want to make sure you aren't losing any entitlements during the creation of this new EBA?  We are looking for members who can assist the negotiating team by looking at some of the protected policies that Mater are proposing to amend/delete - and do a comparison to determine if members will be worse off with the changes proposed. 

We need YOU take one and have a look for us?  This is a very big job for the negotiators while we are also carrying out their 'real' jobs. But if you took just one it would make the load that much lighter.  Please contact Zoe who can allocate a policy to you.

If you have any questions about the EBA or the negotiations, please contact any member of our negotiating team:

Zoé Kennedy -  Phone ext 2911 -  Email:
Shannon Brierley - Phone ext 8050 - Email:
Hayley Moore - Email:

Ps If you have heard whispers about the new Qhealth Framework Award - please ignore it as it does not affect our members at the Mater. 


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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