Mater COVID-19 update - 14 April

Posted on April 14, 2020

Mater management have agreed to convene a weekly consultative forum to promote a consistent approach to managing the COVID–19 crisis and to disseminate changes as they occur.

The first meeting was held on Monday 6 April and the second was on today (14 April).

The main items for discussion were PPE, leave arrangement and discussions with the Queensland government. You can see the 6 April meeting full minutes here.

The key points are;


  • Mater will follow the Queensland Health PPE guidelines.
  • Training in PPE will occur.
  • Mater expects that they will have sufficient PPE.
  • Mater have released as of Thursday 10th April PPE for practice purposes and there is a link to online training if staff are unable to attend a face-to-face session.

Leave Arrangements

  • Mater states it is not following and will not be bound by State Government Directives.
  • Where there is a downturn in activity Mater is encouraging staff to take leave. This should be by mutual agreement. No one should be forced to take leave.
  • If leave is exhausted, leave without pay can be taken.
  • Carers leave will not apply to parents caring for children staying home from school.
  • Mater will provide paid leave for workers who are required to self-isolate through workplace exposure.
  • For vulnerable workers, Mater is encouraging staff to work from home where possible. This will be determined case by case.

Mater is currently in discussion with the Queensland government regarding the potential for redeployment of staff into Queensland Health

If you feel that Mater policy is not being followed in your work area or you have any concerns please send them though to

1800 177 244