Mater AOs to vote NO to cuts

Posted on May 28, 2015

Mater management have decided to walk away from talks with administrative staff here at the Mater and instead put a deal that cuts staff wages and conditions straight out to a ballot.

A two-day ballot scheduled for next week will decide if AOs at Mater (and broadening a trend for all staff) will accept cuts to key conditions and a wage rise below increases in the cost of living.

The ballot will open on Wednesday 3 June and close on Friday 5 June.

To obtain a copy of the proposed agreement, email

Yesterday, Together members met and resolved that losing important working conditions is not good enough. It does not respect the vital work you do here at the Mater or try to maintain this as a great workplace.

Together members resolved to VOTE NO in the ballot.
Mater can and should do better. They should show you consideration and respect.

Right now you need to let Mater management know how you feel about their proposal to cut your rights and pay you less over time.

Make sure you vote – and vote NO.  Don’t take it for granted that everyone else is going to vote; make sure that you make your voice heard.

Talk about why you are voting NO with your colleagues and show your support by wearing a sticker saying "NO" next week.  You will soon receive stickers: make sure you wear the sticker and share them around so that we can have a clear message across Mater Health Services

Share this email with everyone in your area.

Join your union so that you can ensure that you are well informed and able to stand up against the Mater’s unfair agreement and tactics and say NO to this offer and join together with your colleagues to win a better deal. 

You will have seen the communication from management saying that if you vote no future offers won't include back pay and that Mater is broke. Members said today at the meetings that they are not fooled by these tactics.

If Mater really valued you, then their offer to you would not strip away conditions that you currently enjoy and take away your job security. If Mater really valued you, they would not be offering you a "bonus" but would instead add that into your wage increase so that it keeps pace with the cost of living. If the Mater really valued you, they would recognise collective bargaining and not force Administrative officers onto individual contracts.

For these reasons and a lot more, members like you are voting NO.

If you have any questions please get in touch with your delegates or Together office staff at

1800 177 244