Majority support gained at Blue Care!

Posted on June 18, 2021

You know that for years, Blue Care has refused to come to the table and negotiate a new EB for you and your colleagues. It has meant years of missed pay rises and opportunities to make your workplaces better.

That is why delegates put out a pledge asking you to commit to doing what you can to bring management to the table and negotiate with you to develop a new EB for members at Blue Care. 

I can share that you are part of the over 53% of workers covered by the expired agreement who are calling on Blue Care to negotiate a new agreement with you.

Well done for signing the pledge to call Blue care to the bargaining table!

After years of Blue Care refusing to come to the table it is time to take the next step and ask the Fair Work Commission to make a Majority Support Determination to order Blue Care to bargain in good faith. 

Your next step is to endorse this course of action by clicking here.


It is important that you click to endorse to show the Fair Work Commission you are serious about getting Blue Care to bargain with you.

Let your colleagues know what you have done to get to this position and why it's important to be a union member at Blue Care. They can join your union here.

Stay tuned for updates on what comes next. You can do this!

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