Machinery of Government changes

Posted on November 12, 2020

Today the Government’s new cabinet was sworn in - kicking off the start of Machinery of Government changes.

There will be potentially significant changes in many of the Departments you work in as new Departments are formed. We have received the details of these changes and are currently working through what it means for members.

I will be holding a briefing on Zoom at 12:00pm on Thursday 19 November to give members the most accurate information we have. 

Together, we have won strong conditions and entitlements to make your jobs more secure and we will be working with the Government centrally to ensure that you are not disadvantaged in any MOG changes.

MOG changes are a part of working in the public service. Whether it is your first or your tenth MOG, being a union member means you have a strong voice in making sure your entitlements are maintained. 

Register to join the Zoom meeting to learn about your rights during the MOG changes. 

Our power comes from members like you getting active in their workplaces to build the union and win a stronger voice at work. 

Change can be stressful but you are not alone and we're stronger together. You can always contact your union on for advice. 

Thanks for all the work you do everyday and especially over the caretaker period.

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