List of urgent actions at LCCH – received by Chief Executive Fionnagh Dougan

Posted on February 23, 2015

On Friday we provided LCCH management your list of urgent actions at LCCH. These are the actions identified by members as most urgent to protect the safety of LCCH patients and staff. Thank you to all members for your considered responses and your effort in putting this list together.

Today I have also written to the Director-General to reiterate the actions sought from the system manager to support the local HHS.

In response, CHQ Chief Executive Fionnagh Dougan has committed to meet with her management team first thing this morning to discuss and to enable an update to be provided to Together regarding the action plan for addressing the urgent and ongoing issues at LCCH. 

This is encouraging, and we’re hopeful that management will take Together members' compiled list of urgent actions seriously.

While there are also many less urgent LCCH issues that also need to be resolved, we will shortly be commencing a regular meeting process where Together delegates will seek to have your ongoing issues resolved by management.  We will be contacting you shortly to compile the current snapshot of these unresolved LCCH issues.

In the meantime, you can encourage your colleagues to join you in our union to play their part in building a better LCCH.

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