Let's change Enlighten

Posted on March 6, 2015

What will you do to protect your position, and to have a healthier, happier workplace? Will you take a stand against Enlighten?

Throughout all of the feedback from staff in surveys, meetings, and one-on-one discussions, one message is loud and clear.  Enlighten is hurting staff.

Workload, job security and morale have all been linked to Enlighten by QSS workers and this has left many of us feeling devalued and frustrated. Staff members are looking for alternative employment, taking stress leave and are going home incredibly unhappy.

It is clear this program has too many problems to continue in its current form. Yet, QSS Senior decision makers continue to not do anything about these issues. This is just not fair.

The majority of staff agree that we need to work together as a group and support each other publicly to have the most effective voice. This has led to the next step, a petition from us, as a united group of Together members in QSS.

Our petition is directed at the QSS decision makers, giving them an opportunity to take stock, really listen, and change their current direction by suspending the use of Enlighten (see wording below).

If you are yet to sign this petition, please contact your local Delegate or reply to this email to find your closest petition point. Encourage your colleagues to join our union and to stand with us, so that we have the best chance of being treated with respect. We will only be successful if everyone sticks together and demands to be heard.  It’s up to us.

A meeting next week will also be held to report back on the response to this petition and to report back on the steps regarding the fight to protect jobs, temporary contracts and your employment security.

QSS Together meeting
1pm. Wednesday, 11 March.
Landcentre Auditorium.

We can’t afford to miss our chance to force the decision makers to listen to us, respect us and treat us fairly.

P.S. The petition calls for the following:

We the undersigned, call upon the decision makers in Queensland Shared Services to:

  • suspend the use of the “Enlighten” program immediately
  • suspend any requirement for staff to input data to the program, and;
  • suspend any measurement and use of the data.

We, the undersigned, call upon the decision makers to ensure the suspension of this program continues until:

  1. There has been a full review of “Enlighten”, its methodology and its impact on us. We request this review investigate the full impact of “Enlighten” and its associated activities on our health and safety.

Full consultation has occurred with the workforce through their nominated Together delegates.

1800 177 244