LCCH Transition Forum Update

Posted June 6, 2014 by Together Queensland

An LCHH transition forum was held by Children’s Health Queensland on Wednesday 4 June at the Royal Children’s Hospital for both RCH and MCH senior medical staff. 

Workforce consultation    

Dr Wakefield and Dr Steer presented information about the proposed combined workforce structure of the new hospital. The proposal includes the current Mater Children’s workforce plus the Royal Children’s workforce plus 6.38 FTE.

However it was announced that there will be a net reduction of one cardiac surgeon and 0.5 FTE in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine.  

The process was explained as follows:

All existing RCH and MCH senior medical staff, including temporary staff are to apply through a two page application form, two referees and a 4 page CV. The permanent or eligible temporary staff will then be assessed first as part of Phase 1 with a secondary Phase 2 process to follow for relevant applicants.   

Where in phase 1 there are the same or fewer applicants than jobs the panel will undertake a matching process only to check applicants are suitable for the job they have applied for. In the few cases where there are more applicants than roles then the panel will undertake a merit process and rank applicants into an order of merit.

In your application you can request to change your hours but this will be discretionary and up to your director, after the panel has matched or assessed applicants.

There is a review process open to unsuccessful applicants.  

These processes are set out in the "Workforce Establishment Strategy" and there are also word versions of the application and resume templates.  

The implementation plan is open for consultation until 17 June 2014 and then it is proposed for advertising of tier 4 roles to commence on 20 June, closing on 4 July. Dr Wakefield advised that this was as soon as possible in order to suit doctors as well as CHQ, so if there were concerns about the quick advertising, including over the school holidays to provide this feedback.

You now have the opportunity to provide feedback to the implementation for this transition either directly to Children’s Health Queensland or through our Union. Please email with your concerns, queries or interest and we will collate your feedback or be in touch with you to discuss further.

Budget presentation

The Chief Finance Officer for CHQ presented in relation to the preparation of the new budgets for the LCCH. She advised that the new budget is a combination of RCH and MCH activity targets added together with a small amount of WAU’s removed (for new patients over 16). She advised that there was no growth funding for 14/15. A 2.5% inflation figure and a 2% “efficiency dividend” are to be applied across the whole CHQ budget.

Note: On Tuesday, Together Secretary Alex Scott and I attended a budget briefing with Health Minister Lawrence Springborg where he advised that the savings identified locally by an HHS were not reclaimed by Treasury but remained in control of the HHS to “reinvest” locally.

The risks identified in the transition were unknown costs in the new facility, ramping down and then up of activity and NEAT/NEST targets.

LCCH construction

The Executive Director of the LCCH project provided a presentation on the progress towards completion of the new hospital. “Practical completion” is due on 21 July for certification of the works to begin. The site will then be managed by QH not lend lease. There will then be load in of furnishings and fittings, a staff familiarisation process, ICT finalisation and continuing research facility works. The Helipad has been installed and tested.

There was discussion in response to questions and concerns from staff about car parking and transport and office space and staff accommodation.

The new “Hancock Street” car park is twice the size of the car park it replaced and there will be an additional 670 parks under the LCCH. This car park will be run by the Mater. There are many construction workers currently using the Hancock Street car park and this will be winding down. There are 180 parks for doctors set aside in the LCCH car park and 343 parks earmarked for the LCCH in the Hancock Street car park. The Mater must not charge more to LCCH staff, families or volunteers than their own patients, families, staff and volunteers. There will also be a “cycle centre” at the new facility.

Directors will have shared officers and senior doctors and allied health staff will have open plan “pod” workstations. There are breakout rooms and meeting rooms. ICU and emergency etc will have staff accommodation in situ with the others on levels 7 and 9 “clinical directorates”. There are also staff write up areas and interview rooms throughout the clinical areas of the hospital.

Staff raised concerns about storage of medical equipment and patients files, dictation and confidential telephone discussions etc in an open plan environment. 


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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