LCCH Review – important advice for those submitting information to the Review

Posted on May 28, 2015

As you know the Government have opened submissions to the LCCH Review, for a very short time, until 4 June.

As we alerted you to last week, we have considered the Review process in light of any potential risks for members participating.

We have the following advice for members who are seeking to have their say through this process, including how to protect your confidentiality and how to handle disclosure of sensitive information.

The review is set up in a way that does not automatically protect your confidentiality, and so we encourage you to take steps to ensure that you are submitting information safely.  Please contact us directly at if you have specific questions about matters you would like to raise as part of the Review and we can give you advice on the best pathway.

We encourage members to undertake the anonymous staff survey that has been circulated. Do be conscious when completing the free text fields to not identify yourself or other colleagues.

We will submit an organisational submission, as Together, to provide key information to the Panel on behalf of the many members who have raised issues around the commissioning process, and we know we raised these issues at the time as well.  We encourage you, if you have critical information and have not yet provided it to us, to do so by emailing by COB Tuesday 2 June.

With the above points in mind, we encourage you to have your say by:

  • Providing your submission to the Review Panel by Thursday 4 June 2015, with this link
  • Completing the anonymous staff survey by Thursday 4 June 2015, with this link.

Please Note – if you would like to submit anything that may disclose sensitive information, please contact us so that we can discuss with you how to do so safely.

This is an important opportunity for you and your colleagues at LCCH to make sure the government can learn from mistakes that were made in the commissioning of LCCH.  We are looking forward to supporting you in the process to make sure Together members have a strong voice in the Review as well as in keeping the hospital going now and improving things for you and your patients.

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