LCCH Crisis Meeting

Posted on December 22, 2014

On Wednesday, Together delegates met with management to discuss your concerns about your patients and your working conditions at the new hospital.

Management committed to responding by yesterday to advise on the progress of resolution for these issues. Unfortunately, management's response appears to be in direct contradiction to what you as workers on the ground have been saying.

Dr Steer suggested in the Courier Mail that the problems at the new hospital have just been "glitches" and have almost all been fixed. Last week they were calling them merely "teething problems".

We know that the issues you have raised are serious issues with potential clinical and patient safety impacts as well as impacts on the wellbeing of staff. The examples you have provided to the health service include insufficient equipment and supplies, full wards preventing patients being transferred into the facility, issues with substandard cleaning and food service due to the outsourcing of these services, cancelling of theatre lists and IT systems failures preventing patients receiving correct medication and treatment.

Let us know whether these issues have really been fixed or if this is just more spin for this government, by emailing and providing information or evidence where you can.

I know that you are doing an amazing job but you need the government and the board to step in, acknowledge the problems, and help to fix them urgently before patients are harmed. We will continue to support you to get these problems fixed for your patients and colleagues.

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