LCCH Clinical Review Report: What does it mean for LCCH Today?

Posted on April 1, 2015

Yesterday was an important day for the continued efforts to build a better LCCH for patients and staff, with the release of the LCCH Clinical Review Report.

Together made a submission to the Clinical Review Team including a comprehensive list of all of the issues that our members had raised relating to the period under review, 29 November-12 December.

The report’s scope only covers this two week period from the opening of the hospital, but even still its’ findings appear to indicate that the hospital was opened before it was ready, and also that there are serious and ongoing issues that need to be resolved.  We know that some of the more serious issues at LCCH have occurred after the 12 December (outside the scope of the review), and as the report indicates many of those issues are still yet to be resolved.

Together stands by the position we put to the Health Minister, that there be a full Commission of Inquiry, one that is able to take into account all of the issues that you are experiencing at the hospital and talk about the solutions.

The report didn’t present anything that our members weren’t already aware of.  However, the findings are a vindication that this has been more than “teething problems”.  It also indicates that there were preparedness issues and that the hospital needed to be better prepared, and pointed to some of the ongoing problems that you have been trying to fix here at LCCH.

Tomorrow your delegates will be meeting again with Chief Executive Fionnagh Dougan to further progress Together members’ issues of concern.  We will be asking how CHQ intends to address the ongoing workforce issues that have been identified in the LCCH Clinical Review Report.

We want to hear from you about how you think management should address the issues that are ongoing in your area.  What difficulties do you still face at LCCH?  What’s stopping you getting on with providing the best quality care for patients?  What will it take to make it better?

To read news coverage about the report follow this link.

Finally, the report shows the "dedication, vigilance and inventiveness of staff in preventing potential risk causing actual harm" during the first two weeks.  We agree, and look forward to resolving the outstanding issues so that that staff and patients are not at any risk of harm at LCCH. AS The report also pointed out "The consequential stress, fatigue and lowered morale requires some priority in the continuing development of the new facility," – and this is what we want to see now – more action for you.

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