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Posted March 28, 2012 by Alex Scott

It has been a very busy start to the week with a new government and therefore many changes afoot - including changes in DGs and a machinery of government change on the way.

Yesterday, your union's council delegates voted to support a plan to protect the public sector during these changing times, the name of the program will be: Working for Queenslanders. We know that is what you do, every day.

It is critically important at this time that two things happen:

1. That the newly elected Queensland Government keep their election promises to public sector workers- no forced retrenchments, fair wage increases, a commitment to working with union members through collective bargaining structures - and make these things government policy.

2. That the new government, and our community, remember that all public sector jobs matter - there can be no arbitrary division into "frontline" and "non-frontline", all of you are working to make Queensland better and all of you deserve support from the new government and DGs.

We know that the government has directed DGs to institute a recruitment freeze (among other things) on all temporary and permanent positions that are not "involved in front line service delivery (e.g. nurses, teachers and police)."

This freeze - and the false distinction between these job titles and others - will hurt Queensland's services. It ignores the important contribution made by thousands of other staff in all areas of the public sector. This government will be relying on the work you do that helps make Queensland a better place - I'm hopeful we'll be able to get this message across to them very quickly.

Some agencies have given a message back, via HR staff, that temporary workers can be granted extensions to contracts and that they understand they need to "keep the lights on" during the transition. This is a very important consideration and one I will be hoping to make plain at every level - without replacement of staff and without keeping on temporary staff your vital work may not get done and that just isn't acceptable to the Queensland community.

This Friday I will be meeting with the Premier to discuss the plan for a restructuring of public sector departments and these announcements made by DGs this week.


Democracy matters - nominations for union elections open

Nominations are now open for our union's Council and Executive.
Our union has a strong and proud history of continually striving to build a stronger union which improves our members' lives.

One of the keys to the success of our union has been its ongoing commitment to the democratic principle that all union decisions are made by the members affected by those decisions.

To make our union stronger, it's important that all members have a voice, so please have a look at the material from the Electoral Commission of Queensland.


PS: Please ensure that your union membership details are up to date so we can keep in contact with you during the next few weeks: it is critical that we can get messages out quickly. If you have colleagues who didn't get this message directly please forward it to them and ask them to update their details. Email or call 1800 177 244.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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