Latest Hunter Review Update: Business Services Review, Accomodation, and more

Posted on September 2, 2015

The Together Hunter Review Steering Committee met management yesterday and the following issues were discussed:

Business Services Review

Feedback on the consultation paper for the Business Services Review closed today.

The next step is the Business service review committee to finalise mapping positions based on the principles included in the consultation document forwarded last week. The mapping process is being led by a key officer from each Division. This process will take into account a range of complexities in addition to the principles identified in the consultation document e.g. quantity of executive correspondence, complexity of budget management.

The mapping will inform the release of a business case due 4 September. The Department advised that if the business case is not able to be forwarded earlier on Friday, that advice will be provided confirming it will be forwarded on Monday instead. This will ensure local management have an opportunity to speak to impacted staff before the weekend, or to hold over until the Monday.

There will then be another consultation phase for members to provide feedback on outcomes of mapping process.
Delegates asked for clarification on the EOI process to be sent out to staff as this was not clear in the documentation sent out by management last week. The EOI processes aim is to match skills to roles and give the opportunity for members who are interested in broadening their skill set to express an interest in working in other work groups or roles

What can staff do?

Ensure that there is an open, transparent process by contributing to the change process by giving your feedback  on the Business Case to be released on 4 September via to Hunter Review, in drop boxes, or via

Accommodation Plan

The accommodation plan was endorsed by the Departmental Leadership Team (DLT) on Monday. You can view a copy of the plan here.

Principles used focussed on:

  • minimising change where possible given likely relocation for the Department in 12 to 18 months
  • centralising Strategy, Policy and Planning Division, and Healthcare Purchasing and System Performance Division within QHB, and moving sections of Corporate Services Division out of QHB

It is proposed that the accommodation changes occur over 4 stages to stagger moves.  For instance, eHealth Qld moves in the first stage, to free up space for Finance Branch who moves in the second week.

The plan identifies a 4-week lead-in period to prepare, and then changes stagger over 4 consecutive weeks with the moves completed by the end of October 2015

The endorsed plan identifies 258 staff impacted by changes to accommodation.

Specific branches impacted include:

Corporate Services

  • Finance Branch - To ANZAC Square from QHB
  • Capital Infrastructure Delivery – moves from Level 5 to Level 6 at ANZAC Square
  • Business Enhancement and Asset Services – To QHB from ANZAC Square – will be co-located with the rest of their Branch currently on Level 11

Strategy, Policy and Planning

  • Strategic Policy Unit – From Butterfield Street to QHB
  • Infrastructure Strategy Branch – From ANZAC Square to QHB

Clinical Excellence

  • OCNMO - Moves from L11 to L14 QHB

Health Information Support Agency

  • eHealth Qld – From ANZAC Square to Wickham Street

The focus will be on supporting those Branches/staff who are impacted as opposed to communicating with all staff regarding changes to accommodation.

Susan Middleditch is happy to speak to impacted members should you have additional queries.

If you are affected by accommodation changes and would like to discuss these impacts or have questions please contact

Update organisational charts

You can view the updated organisational charts here. If you believe that there are corrections that need to be made please contact Hunter Review email address or via

What's Next

Department of Health change program is being launched next week. The EOI process has been finalised, with roughly 40 to 50 staff members identified as "change sparks". Workshops have been held with change sparks as well as executives regarding the program with high levels of positivity. The focus of this program will be on supporting cultural change and leveraging from open, transparent processes that have underpinned Hunter Review to date.

Have you heard a rumour?

At times of change when there is uncertainty and when it is difficult to have instant communication rumours can develop.

The Steering Committee is happy to put rumours to test with the Senior Executives that we meet with on a weekly basis. Please let us know if you have heard any rumours about your work area that we need to test.

Please share this communication with your colleagues and continue to be informed.

Ask your colleagues who haven't joined you as a member to join so that we have a strong and active union going into this major change.

If you have feedback questions or issues with the change you should let us know via

We'll be in touch again soon.

1800 177 244