LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN QIRC - Acute Primary Care Clinics (APCCs)

Posted January 9, 2012 by Alex Scott

At the latest compulsory conference in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) on 22 December three matters were discussed

1.The establishment of new bulk-billing APCCs without consultation

2. The appropriate remuneration for ordinary hours worked in an APCC

3. The ability of Doctors to  decline requests from their employer to work in APCCs

The outcomes of the conference were

1. Qld Health confirmed that no new bulk billing clinic will be established without consultation as agreed and it will suspend bulk billing at a Wynnum clinic which was established without consultation after the parties reached agreement on the process to be followed

2. Commissioner Brown formally recommended that Qld Health provide the Commission and Union with written advice on the eligibility for the ED 25% payments particularly where an employee works part of their ordinary hours in an ED and part in an APCC.  Follow this link to documentation on this subject filed recently in the QIRC in relation to a separate but related dispute.  Commissioner Brown also recommended that QH (and, because of ongoing payroll problems, that all employees also) keep accurate records of hours worked in EDs and APCCs to support legislative obligations for financial accountability.  It should be noted that in our view work in an APCC does not legitimately attract the ED extended hours 25%  loading and Medical Officers should be aware that such payments may legitimately be recoverable as overpayments. 

3. By mid-January Qld Health is to provide the Union with a definitive answer to its question about whether individuals will be allowed to decline any request to move from a role in an ED to a role in an APCC. To this point in time QH has claimed it can deploy its staff to APCCs without their agreement. The Union disagrees with this view and will provide advice and representation to all members who currently have an Option A contract and Emergency Department Extended Hours benefit (25%) contract

For advice or assistance on this matter members are invited to contact

Jenny Cannon
Industrial Advocate | Together
Phone 30176129  |Fax 31076229  |Mob 0438502001


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