Labour Day on the Sunshine Coast

Posted on April 20, 2017

Labour Day 2017 is approaching quickly and it's time to get organised for this year's event on the Sunshine Coast.

This Labour Day, all over Queensland, your fellow Together members will be out on the streets of our towns proudly marching in purple to celebrate what we have achieved as a union and a movement over the past 12 months.

Labour Day is our day to celebrate being union - but as we march this year, we do so with the knowledge that there is a renewed attacked on the wages and conditions of Australian workers.

It is clear that employers are eyeing off the penalty rates hundreds of thousands of hard working Australians.

We have already had the Fair Work Commission decision to cut the Sunday and public holiday rates of hospitality, retail and pharmacy workers and we are seeing industries like the nurses fighting against attempts to cut their penalty rates.

This Labour Day is our opportunity to send a message to employers and governments that union members won’t stand idly and watch our wages and conditions be reduced. 

Sunshine Coast Labour Day Family Day

SUNDAY 30th April 2017
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Cotton Tree Park, The Esplanade, Cotton Tree.

There will be free barbecue and soft drinks, live music, FREE children’s entertainment and a guest speaker.

Sunshine Coast not your closest Labour Day event? Click here for more Labour Day info or HERE to print out a poster to put up in your workplace.

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