Labour Day is 4 May

Posted on April 30, 2020

Labour Day is on Monday 4 May. At this time of year we're usually gearing up to attend Labour Day marches across the state from Thursday Island down to the Gold Coast and everywhere in between. We attend rallies and marches on Labour Day because we know it's an important day to celebrate the acheivements we've won as a union and to fight for the rights of workers and show our union power.

This year will be a little different. We can't attend marches or BBQs over the weekend, but in 2020 it's more important than ever that we celebrate Labour Day.

Workers are being asked to go above and beyond right now. Whether it's health workers who are heading into potentially dangerous workplaces every day to keep us safe or workers who are being asked to not only continue working from home but also care for and educate our children - we all have a story to tell. We are also seeing the impact on workers who are fighting to maintain their employment in this crisis and we stand for wage subsidy and support.

That is why we're celebrating Labour Day in 2020. Even though we're asked to do so much more at work, union members are sticking together and overcoming the challenges we face.

So, here's how we're celebrating Labour Day 2020.

  1. Attending the Together online rally
    • We can't go to marches this year, but it doesn't mean we can't all come together and celebrate. We're hosting an online Labour Day rally on Monday so we can all gather and hear from Branch Secretary Alex Scott and other leaders from within your union from across the state. We’ll send out a link to that soon.
  2. Dancing to "Solidarity Songs" all day
  3. Adding the Labour Day frame to your Profile pic on Facebook
    • Click this link to add the Together Labour Day frame to your profile pic on Facebook and show all your friends you are celebrating Labour Day this year!
  4. Wear your Together Shirt
    • If you have got one, make sure you have your purple shirt on! Vintage union shirts and pictures of these are also an awesome option!

Keep an eye on your union's social media channels on Monday morning for any last minute changes. Happy Labour Day!

Tell us your Covid-19 work experiences

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