June OIR update

Posted on July 1, 2021

It has been a while since our last update, so this one will cover off on some of the common themes we are seeing come in from members in OIR.

Workload management

Your employer has an obligation to ensure reasonable workloads for all staff. As employees you also have an obligation to raise workload concerns when you identify them so that a resolution can identified. This means during your morning check ins or one on one catch ups with your manager you should raise any concerns you have with workloads. If the concerns remain and are unable to resolved through that process then you should report them using the workload management tool.

We have confirmed with the Department that they do not have an OIR specific workload management tool but instead they adopt the Public Service Commission workload management tools – they are listed below for your reference. The workload management tool for employees has a reporting form at the back of it, you should use this when you want to report workload concerns.

Are you being asked to attend meetings with management and HR?

If you are being ask to a meeting with your manager and HR you have a right to know what the matter specifically is about and to also have your union support you in this process to ensure the correct process is followed. I strongly encourage you to contact your union and get advice prior to attending a meeting with your manager about such matters.

We are noticing members are being sent an email referring to an incident and being asked to debrief their behaviour however the Department are not being clear about whether a complaint has been made or not or why they are being alerted that specific incident. This is why it is really important that members are clear on the agenda and purpose of any meeting prior to attending so we can ensure the correct process is being followed.

Your manager can and should absolutely have regular operational catch ups with you where you discuss matters such as workloads, case management etc. It is important to note these meetings are different to the above. If you are ever in doubt, first step is to ask for an agenda and who will be attending, then if you still aren’t sure contact your union office and we can provide you specific advice to your situation.


Occupation Violence

This is just a quick reminder to report any incidents of occupation violence as soon as possible. The OIR Consultative Committee (OIR CC) reviews this information at each meeting, we want to ensure that these matters are taken seriously and members safety is a priority.

In CFS we are also aware that members are being asked to attend certain jobs that currently have a risk management strategy in place due to the issues of occupation violence. This strategy is where two inspectors attend certain situations, however they are now being approached and asked to attend on their own with no alternative risk management strategies being put in place. We will raise this at the CFS LCC on the 9th July but in the meantime if you are asked to do this and you have a concern about your safety and well-being then you should advise your manager that you are continuing with existing arrangements where two inspectors attend those situations.

The Department reported the following at the recent OIC CC;

  • OIR are working with TMR on the development of the complaints data base.
  • 11 session training session held so far for Inspectors - 203/385 Inspectors have completed the training.
  • 50 construction inspectors attended, 23 still to attend.
  • Confirmation that the department are capturing the patterns on occ violence for example regions, repeat persons, threatening emails and phone calls, repeated vexatious complaints and this includes formal and informal.


Hours of work

It is important for members to know that unless you are on call you are not required to respond to work outside of your work hours. It is acknowledge by the Department that because management will often work different hours to you, they may send emails outside of your work hours however there is no expectation for you to read or action those emails. It is perfectly reasonable for you to refrain from looking at your work devices when you are not at work and in fact is encouraged to ensure you have appropriate work-life balance and ability to switch off from work to prevent risk of fatigue. Your delegates have raised fatigue and occupational stress with the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Unit to address psychosocial concerns.


Logan office

The OIR Logan office is now officially closed and all the staff from that office are either working from home or an alternative location until a new location is identified. Yesterday the Department advised they may have identified a location in Springwood but they are still in the early stages of ensuring it is fit for purpose. We confirmed with the Department that when a location is identified staff will be consulted on the fit out of the new location to ensure it is set up the best way possible to support the work you do. Keep an eye our for more on this, in the meantime any questions or concerns please let me know.


Working for Queensland survey outcomes

At the OIR CC there was a lot of high level updates given about how the Department are addressing the results of the W4Q survey. We asked what was happening on the ground so staff could actually see and experience changes to the concerns they reported through the survey. The Department said the responsibility was sitting with local units and a lot of discussions were being had with staff in their teams. So we are keen to hear from you and if you are seeing some positive changes in your areas as a result of the information found in the W4Q meeting or are there big issues you feel still haven’t been addressed?

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