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Posted September 7, 2012 by Alex Scott

Today was another tough day for public sector workers with significant announcements of job cuts in Health. I know many of you have now also received emails from your Directors-General suggesting that more announcements will be made come the budget day next Tuesday.

Your action to date and the pressure you have been applying has moved the government - it is likely that this coming Tuesday the figures announced will be closer to 10,000 jobs cut rather than 20,000. What you have been doing with your strong voice as a union group is working to lower the numbers.

But we all know that any jobs gone is too many. The government will try and continue to spin that cutting jobs was something they had to do, that they had to break promises they'd made and that they had to lie to us and to the community. They are now going to say that they should be rewarded for only cutting 10,000 - and this would not have happened if it wasn't for you and your actions as a union group standing up for jobs and services in Queensland.

Action this Week

I would encourage all members who can take part during lunch or after work to take a stand for job security next Wednesday on the Queensland Council of Unions Stand for Queensland day activities. Details of local activities are here.


There was a further conference this afternoon at the QIRC before Deputy President Swan. The list of matters that we are putting forward as the scope of the arbitration is on our website.

Job security has been the focus of and the key issue in all of our bargaining negotiations this year. This morning I saw another Ministerial media statement and report in the media of an absolute lie about where our negotiations had got to and why have headed in to arbitration. Quite frankly it beggars belief, but I know that unfortunately this is now the reality as daily we are fighting to claw back every job we can while the government spin doctors are misrepresenting everyone, even the independent umpire. 

Minister Elmes put out a statement saying that negotiations broke down on the basis of wage discussions - that is absolutely not the case. Here is the transcript of the conference in the Industrial Relations Commission with the facts.

DEPUTY PRESIDENT: There have been some significant discussions around a range of issues, but it appears as if the matter is at an impasse. The impasse seems to relate, not totally, but primarily around the question of job security and job security provisions within a proposed agreement, and the government point to the legislative changes that have been made and the unions collectively point to the fact that they do not believe that they can enter into an arrangement with the Government without those provisions. So therefore there is that impasse.

The government weren't prepared to offer job security, that was why negotiations broke down and why Deputy President Swan has declared arbitration necessary. Saying it was about wages is misleading and just plain wrong.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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