Jetstar agrees to honour the shift swap conditions in your EBA

Posted on July 27, 2020

A week ago Jetstar agreed to start honouring the shift swap conditions in your EBA.

Many ASU members reported that the ability to arrange like-for-like swaps in Webroster was no longer available. Your union believes that Work Force Planning directed ADMs to communicate to staff that swaps were not going to be approved.

This was a clear breach of your EBA conditions. Your union put it to Jetstar, who agreed to return the ability to arrange your own shift swaps as soon as possible.

The Webroster function will be re-instated from 2 August. In the meantime you can make a manual request by contacting your ADM who should not unreasonably refuse to approve the swap.

To avoid any doubt, we remind all members that all the current terms and conditions contained in the Jetstar ASU EBA remain in place and are applicable when stood up. The current COVID-19 crisis does not give Jetstar the right to ignore or not apply the various provisions contained in the EBA.

Rostering is a mess and Jetstar needs to fix it!

Your union delegates have commenced regular meetings with Jetstar to raise your concerns about the ever increasing number of inequitable and unfair rostering issues across the whole of Jetstar arising from processes implemented in April 2020.

Your union is seeking to continue to meet with management on a weekly basis while we work through the issues but enough is enough!

ASU members have raised so many concerns about the time they have already spent out of the workplace and the confusing rostering guidelines in place since April 2020, that we can't see how Jetstar can continue to argue that the system is fair.

You need to start documenting the issues and email your delegates or union office directly. Include supporting evidence. (Email

Keep the Information Flowing

Your union delegates are setting a plan, as part of this they will be working to review all opportunities for staff training, maximise the number of staff engaged, and protect your terms and conditions of employment.

When this plan in ready to share your delegates and union office will communicate this to you in more detail.

JobKeeper 2.0

In coming weeks your union will also ask Jetstar to work through the impact of changes to the JobKeeper wage subsidies that kick-in from the end of September 2020 – Follow this link to more detailed information about the changes.

In early April 2020 the federal government passed legislation to create the JobKeeper wage stimulus package, which was scheduled to end in late September 2020.

This package has now been changed, with the government extending JobKeeper payments by a further six months until 28 March 2021.

JobKeeper 2.0 is not perfect. There are still many workers who are not eligible to receive the payment and unions will continue to campaign until all workers receive the financial assistance they require.

Should you need any support or guidance at this time remember your delegates and I are here to chat.

1800 177 244