JCU Member update – Agreement voted down

Posted on September 20, 2017

Members will be aware that the majority of JCU staff who participated in the recent ballot have voted No to the new proposed agreement.

The University has reported that at the close of the ballot on Friday, 54% of staff participated in the vote and 58% of those staff voted No.

he agreement was not supported by the ASU/Together union or the NTEU due to a number of important issues not being resolved during negotiations.

Your Union communicated to management during negotiations and prior to the ballot that we believed the wage increase was not acceptable (compared with CQU and other agreements being settled in the sector) and the removal of the three days of Christmas shutdown was also not viewed favourably by our members.

Your Union has held discussions with management since the vote was declared and have made the following suggestions.

  1. That we will survey our members to establish the reasons they voted no.
  2. We will survey our members to determine what would need to be included and/or revised in a future offer for you to vote Yes.
  3. That we will request a future meeting to discuss these issues.
  4. That negotiations should continue to seek an agreement that the majority of staff can support.

We conveyed our strong opposition to the suggestion that proceeding down the lines of Murdoch University was not beneficial to anyone at JCU and indicated to management that we would strongly resist any such moves.

Management indicated that they have not formed a position on the way forward but were considering all their options.

What we need from members: To assist us in progressing negotiations we need your urgent feedback on the following via this survey.

Whilst it is disappointing that the parties have not been able to finalise negotiations it is crucial that the parties continue to work productively to identify the issues and work towards achieving an outcome that benefits our members into the future.

We urge management to return to the table to bargain in good faith and work towards achieving a new agreement for staff to consider in a professional and productive manner.

We understand that members of the NTEU are engaging in industrial action in pursuit of their claims.

We will approach the NTEU to establish how you can support your colleagues in the most appropriate ways.

We look forward to your urgent feedback on the above issues. If you require any further information please contact us on universities@together.org.au.

NEWSFLASH: There will be a community protest at the gates of James Cook University in Townsville and Cairns on Friday morning starting at 8am. More details will be provided tomorrow so keep posted.

So please make sure to support your colleagues and ASU/Together Bargaining Team Representatives by attending the above activity and asking your work mates to join your union.

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