JCU Enterprise Agreement Variation

Posted on September 10, 2020

Since our last email to you negotiations for a variation to your JCU Enterprise Agreement have not gone well.

The unions (NTEU, Together, ETU) and JCU are at a stalemate, with JCU continuing to state that their financial position is bad and the unions requesting more information to support this and understand the justification for the university's actions.

Due to this stalemate JCU has now made the decision to put their proposal straight out to ballot without the support of your unions and their delegates.

Here is a link to all information we have been provided:

While we know what JCU is proposing for the variation, we do not know what JCU's intentions are if the ballot gets voted down.

Going forward it is important that your union has an understanding of how you are feeling about the variation going out to ballot and an indication of your voting intentions. 

What do you think?

Can you please complete the brief survey here? 

Please note this is for internal Together purposes only.

We will communicate again with you once we have an indication of what majority of members are thinking.

The JCU ballot is set to open at 9:00am on Thursday, 17 September and will close at 4:00pm on Friday 18 September

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