It's time for action and we are taking it this Monday!

Posted on May 12, 2016

It's time to take action.

At this week's negotiations QCS advised that there had been no improvements to the offer. Most importantly they confirmed:

  • The Commissioner has still not made a decision on reinstating a top-up of worker's compensation for when correctional officers are assaulted.
  • They have no authority to make any changes to the classification structure that result in additional costs after the expiry of the agreement.

That effectively means they are saying that despite all the work we have done, they cannot change the structure because any change you make has additional costs when the over 400 CCOs currently on CO1-1 progress past CO1-4 in the fourth year rather than getting stuck.

That's just not good enough.

or the last two months we have been trying to come up with a change to the structure that fits within the government's wages policy – we've done that. The government wages policy simply says wage outcomes can't be more than 2.5% a year over the life of the three year agreement – they won't and the Department agrees they won't. By limiting the annual pay rises for CCOs between CO1-1 and CO1-7 but getting them pay rises through removing the qualification barriers we can fix the structure that has been an ongoing issue for over a decade. We know it's a problem, they know it's a problem and everyone says they want to fix it – but the government won't find the money.

And it's not big money, the changes being proposed have a total extra cost of about $6 million over 8 years, in other words, around $750,000 a year. That’s a rounding error in their budget!

Enough is enough and it's time to take action.

But it’s not easy, as you know. The previous LNP government put in place 'Protected Action Ballots' designed to make it very difficult to take action. The first round of ballots have been returned and the following Centres have been successful at the first attempt:

  • Lotus Glen
  • Capricornia
  • Woodford
  • Brisbane
  • Wolston

Most other centres only missed the 50% return rate by a handful of votes and those who did vote voted overwhelmingly to take action. This was a better outcome than 2013 when only 4 centres got up at first attempt. We will be lodging new ballots for those centres whose ballots didn’t get up in the next few days. Talk to your colleagues about joining so that they can vote in the next ballot.

Every member can take some form of action

Your delegates have resolved to have a day of action this Monday, 16 May. Those centres listed above will stop work from 1300hrs to 1900hrs. For the other centres, there will be other forms of action. You can still be involved with before and after work rallies, delegations to politicians and support for the other centres.

What action are we taking?

  • Lotus Glen – Stop work from 1300hrs to 1900hrs
  • Townsville – Rally at the end of the day shift (see your delegates for further details)
  • Capricornia  – Stop work from 1300hrs  to 1900hrs
  • Maryborough – Rally at the start of the day shift (see your delegates for further details)
  • Woodford – Stop work from 1300hrs  to 1900hrs
  • Brisbane – Stop work from 1300hrs  to 1900hrs
  • Wolston – Stop work from 1300hrs  to 1900hrs
  • Brisbane Women’s – Rally at the end of the day shift (see your delegates for further details)
  • Borallon - Rally at the start of the day shift (see your delegates for further details)
  • Escort Security Branch: Rally at the end of shift

Remember – in order to take protected action you must be a member, so talk to your colleagues and make sure they join. Also, remember that taking action isn’t cost free, you do lose pay for the hours you don't work.

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