It’s the Olympics! And we’re warming up in negotiations…

Posted on August 8, 2016

While we may have observed some great feats by the Aussies at the Olympics over the the weekend, the opening of our negotiations with Queensland Health were not quite as inspiring last week.

We’re on again tomorrow with Queensland Health. Just a reminder that last week they discussed plans to “streamline” aka potentially cut our leave loading.

The other things they talked about (some of which were less worrying) were:

  • 3 year agreement
  • Government wages policy is for 2.5% per year wage increases
  • Training fund access for OO2's
  • The potential to combine funds to have an AO/OO training fund
  • Training opportunities for targeted groups, special mention of clinical coders, given change in tertiary markets
  • Part Time work, allow contracts for more than 64 ordinary hours/fortnight given award change to definition of part time work
  • Consistency of leave loading arrangements
  • 18 month review of PHOC manual
  • Allowances - reviewing the method of payment
  • Review Divisional/District Allowances
  • Review preserved HR Policies

We have put forward our list of positive changes we would like to see. Particularly about addressing workload issues and other key items – Lyn and Vicki emailed you about it last week and you can see our list of issues here.

We’ll update you again after tomorrow’s negotiations once we have more detail.

As was said on the weekend – the games have begun! Let’s make this a great agreement for us.

In union,

Administration Officer and part of your EB9 Delegate Committee

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