HP DO: It's 30 June - Where is your pay increase?

Posted on June 30, 2015

Health Practitioners and Dental Officers have been in negotiations for improvements in conditions and a percentage pay increase for nearly two years.

A change of government and changes to legislation have exacerbated delays. But the cost of living has kept increasing during this time.

The time for action is now.

The new government promised action on public sector wages and promised to restore fairness.

It is within the power of the Health Minister to settle these issues and to make sure that you get a pay rise now, not later.

The last percentage pay rise Health Practitioners received was in October 2013. Dental Officers are slightly better off in that they received a pay increase last year because they were on a different arrangement.

We have been celebrating the new government's positive action on job security, consultation about change at work and a right to have a say about rosters among other things. This has happened because Together members took a stand and campaigned hard for these things.

But we need action on wages too.

The Health Minister needs to deliver this commitment now and not wait. He also must act to ensure that the dates do not slip - any pay increase must be dated appropriately.

What happened at the last meeting

Last week we had another negotiation meeting with Queensland Health.

At this meeting the Queensland Health representatives announced that they now do not believe the government will back pay HPs and DOs to 17 October 2014 - which is the date you are due a wage rise.

This is a backflip on their position from 3 months ago and a breach of trust.

Instead they were suggesting a wage increase might only be backdated to 10 December 2014.

We need to take a stand now on wages.

Action plan

Your delegates have decided on a three-stage action plan to make that happen. The plan is:

  1. Sign the wages petition to the Minister if you haven’t already;
  2. Contact your local Together delegates and organiser to plan a lunchtime or morning protest event;
  3. Make contact with MPs. We'll be in touch with a contact kit for MPs so you can ask them to call on the Health Minister to deliver fair wages now and not rob you of two months' back pay.

As soon as we have confirmed protest locations and times we'll let you know locally.

Congratulations on your ongoing commitment to a better deal. With this action plan we can make sure it happens sooner rather than later.

Remember to share this communication with your colleagues and ask anyone who is not yet in the union to join today.

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