Important update: Formal offer for Medical Officers

Posted on July 24, 2015

Sandy Donald and I have been in detailed negotiations with Queensland Health in relation to your wages and conditions for the next three years with the help of your colleagues and Together medical officer delegates who have met regularly to review the various positions and provide advice and direction to negotiators.

This morning a formal offer has been made for your new agreement. Read on for a summary and more information about how to have your say.

You can vote here. 

We will be running member meetings in hospitals and health facilities around the state and by teleconference. To organise a meeting in your facility please email

In conjunction with these meetings as Together members we will be asking you to vote on the offer.

Summary of offer:

You can view the offer here.

This offer addresses many of the issues that members have raised including:

For RMOs

  • Wage increase of 2.5% per year for 3 years
  • Increase to Professional Development allowance including indexation  
  • Maximum of 7 consecutive nightshifts followed by mandatory days off 
  • Provision of safe travel home when fatigued

For SMOs:

  • Wage increase of 2.5% per year for 3 years
  • Returning to MOCA3 provisions for the majority of conditions
  • Converting “Option A allowances” into an official recruitment and retention payment included in the agreement for the first time
  • Returning to payment by exception for on call, overtime and Public Holiday work (SMO may request to annualise on call)
  • Restoring employment security
  • Maintaining existing individual Tier 4 contractual arrangements (for their existing term)
  • Return of 10 hour “fatigue break”
  • Consultation forums restored
  • Minimum 10% CST restored, with access to CST guaranteed for all SMO’s
  • Protection against being compelled to work extended hours
  • Equity in part-time motor vehicle allowance

There are also some other outstanding issues that have not been agreed to such as:

  • No contingency for payment for work performed remotely while on call
  • “Option A” replacement only superannuated under Federal Guarantee (as before)
  • CMA/MMA remains non-superannuable (post november 2012)

Members should pay close attention to the details of the multipliers to be paid for overtime, recall etc. which largely are proposed to remain as per the SMO contract provisions.

Note the differences in penalties between MOCA3 and the contracts are summarised here.

Queensland Health have demonstrated that the majority of SMOs will be better off under these multiplier but there may be some SMOs who are worse off than they would have been under MOCA3 on these multipliers.

The extended hours provisions should also be carefully considered and we will provide further analysis on these issues as soon as possible. We have had many hours of negotiations on just this point.

Congratulations on standing strong together securing a commitment from government to restore your working conditions, to restore fairness and collective negotiations for doctors. This is a solid offer and one that comes not because of weeks of negotiations but because of the strength and solidarity shown by medical officers across QHealth in the last two years.

Your Together Medical Steering Committee will consider the offer in detail and provide further recommendations and analysis for members very soon.

I look forward to seeing you at meetings in the coming week.

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