Important Update for Corrections members

Posted on September 24, 2015

Your delegates met with Corrective Services management, including Deputy Director General Mark Rallings, at the Agency Custodial Consultative Committee meeting on Wednesday 23 September.

The following Together representatives attended in person or by phone:

Gordon Murray BCC delegate
Leonard Drysdale   BCC delegate
Daryl McNamara BCC delegate
Peter Clark Wolston delegate
Steve Allen Wolston delegate
Jason Hunt Woodford delegate
Barry Millwood Lotus Glen delegate
Michael Thomas  Together Office

DDG Response to State-wide meetings on Bullying and Harassment Survey results

DDG Mark Rallings attended the ACCC to discuss the results of the annual Employer Satisfaction survey relating to Bullying and Harassment. Your delegates reported that the motions had been passed around the state to write to the Minister to take immediate action to ensure that a full independent investigation is conducted to ensure bullying and harassment is no longer tolerated nor accepted by the Department.

The DDG agreed that the survey results indicated a worrying level of bullying and harassment and that this needed to be addressed to ensure a safe workplace for all. He indicated that he would support an external intervention to ensure a change to any culture of bullying.

We will distribute the letter to the Minister and any response as soon as we receive it.

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Borallon Update

Michael Airton provided an update on the re-establishment of the Borallon Training and Correctional Centre (and emphasised the use of "Training" in the name). He advised that recruitment processes are underway to employ new employees to Borallon, which will be a mix of new employees and existing employees transferred from other centres.

Information sessions have been held and over 1000 applications have been received. Expressions of interest will go out for existing staff who are interested in transferring, including part time staff who would like full time work at Borallon.

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Escort Meal Breaks

In our view the Award is really clear: staff are entitled to "a 30 minute meal break at an operationally convenient time to be completed between the 3rd and 6th hours of duty" and, if the shift is longer than 10 hours, a second meal break: "in the event of a shift over 10 hours an additional meal break of 30 minutes shall be allowed at an operationally convenient time."

Additionally, the Award requires all shift work Employees to be provided with a meal free of charge. The quality of the meal must be common to those provided to inmates, offenders and detainees. While the Award talks about "a" meal, in practice, where there is an entitlement to two meal breaks the Department has provided two meals.

There are ongoing negotiations about meals and meal allowances but a clear difference is whether you can be denied a meal between the 3rd and 6th hour of work if it isn't operationally convenient. We clearly don't think that is the case and will seek the Commission's assistance in clarifying your rights.

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Introduction of body cameras

There has been a trial of body cameras at Woodford MSU and BCC in 2014 to see whether they were worthwhile, the results of that are reported to have been positive. QCS is now embarking on a further trial at BWCC, BCC, Woodford and Townsville to look at the best model camera to use. Once that is chosen QCS will seek funding to acquire the cameras and consulting with us on implementation.

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