Important Survey on Scientific Operations Officer Career Path

Posted November 17, 2011 by Alex Scott

Several years ago Science Operations Officers fought for and won better career path in Schools. Despite that success, it now is clear that access to progress to OO4 position is being restricted, not because the role is not required, but because some Schools just don't want to pay the salary.

Delegates have been in negotiations with the Department for some time over the need to ensure that where SOOs are carrying out OO4 duties they are being properly remunerated. We need your help to ensure we have accurate information as to the work SOOs are doing across the state.

Please click HERE and fill out this short survey*. It will provide your delegates with the information they need. Talk to your colleagues and encourage them to complete the survey as well.

The survey will close on Friday 9 December 2011.

Should you have any queries please email

* We know that you may have difficulty accessing this survey at work.  If you do encounter some problems, please complete the survey at home or from a private internet connection.  The issues covered by this survey are important and we need to hear from you.  We are working to get the SurveyMonkey web site added to the allowed list, but don't expect for this to be resolved in the short term.


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