Important notice for HP and DO staff

Posted November 3, 2014 by Alex Scott

This morning we received the notice to appear at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission tomorrow on behalf of you and your colleagues to determine if your wages and conditions will be set by the Commission for the next 2 years.

It is an important moment in your work towards a fair deal for HPs and DOs.

The current environment has been tough – job security has been eliminated by legislation passed by this Parliament and many other key conditions are under attack.

Seeking a wage rise that keeps pace with rising costs of living and no more cuts to conditions has been the decent and reasonable request by all of you.

We will make a case tomorrow to keep negotiating for a fair deal. We have only had Queensland Healths’ offer for 2 weeks and you need to be able to discuss it and take action in support of a fair go.

I was honoured to sign 2 applications last week for members wanting to take action in support of a fair go and I have signed many more this afternoon.

HPs and DOs are not a group who anyone should take for granted. The work you do to deliver first class health care should be valued and your rights should be respected.

The Together team will keep you posted on what happens in the Commission tomorrow, for now we are continuing to plan to take action in support of a fair deal.

If you have colleagues who have yet to join you as members encourage them to join today – we are strong but we need to be stronger again in the face of this assault on your rights at work.

PS: Tomorrow’s hearing is at 10am. We should have more news out tomorrow afternoon about how the hearing went. Stay tuned.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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