Important for Medical Officers - Monday 18 May

Posted on May 15, 2015

Queensland Parliament is considering legislation to restore rights for medical officers working in QH and to get rid of the forced unfair contracts. However with a hung Parliament we need to act quickly.

This repeal of the doctor contract provisions is not guaranteed. The LNP are opposing change and along with several employer lobby groups are pushing hard to stop the legislation passing.

We need to get 45 votes in the Parliament in the next 2 weeks. We need to act now.

Can you make a submission to the Parliamentary Committee right now? Submissions close on Monday at 4pm and yours could make the difference.

You can make a submission here.

There is simple web form and template, and you can customise this as much as you like.

As doctors you might like to tell your story of why forced contracts have to go. Maybe say something like this:

  • The medical workforce needs to be valued not ignored.
  • There are employment warnings to doctors not to come and work in Queensland from a range of Australian and international medical colleges and professional associations. These remain in place due to the unfair contracts.
  • A huge number of senior doctors were willing to and contemplated retiring early, leaving Queensland or leaving public medicine; many did or reduced their public hours.
  • For those who have remained there has been a huge loss of trust in their employer.
  • HHSs have stopped consulting properly with clinicians and their unions.
  • The system has become an increasingly top down with a command and control structure to the detriment of the system
  • Junior doctors have been deeply concerned about the future viability of their training programs.
  • Urgent action from government is required to restore the relationship between public doctors and the health system, ensure Qld can recruit and retain the best doctors and that doctors are once again given the freedom to provide the best care possible.

More information on this can be found here.

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