Important: IR bill tabled – we need you to add your voice

Posted on May 8, 2015

The government tabled a bill to reform Queensland’s Industrial Relations laws to restore some of the basic rights we lost under the Newman government.

This bill will restore all the rights the previous government made unenforceable; issues such as employment security, contracting out, workloads and consultation. 

We have done up a short fact sheet about what is proposed by the bill that you can read here.

Sign the petition to say that you want the Queensland Parliament to bring on the vote on the IR bill and pass it now!

We need this bill to pass now so your hard-earned rights can be included again in collective agreements—like they were before the Newman government ripped them out— and we can once again negotiate for these rights in future collective agreements.

But there’s a problem.

The Parliamentary Committee that will be considering this bill is evenly split between the government and opposition. There is a real risk that the committee may end up deadlocked and it won’t be able to issue a report in favour of the bill. This is just the excuse the LNP needs to oppose the bill or try to delay it.

Local government employers are opposing the bill. The LNP is saying the government is moving too quickly.

We need the Committee to function properly and make a recommendation in favour of the bill.

We need the Parliament and the Committee to pass the bill in June, not September.

Public sector workers campaigned for three years for a government that would listen. Now we need to continue to work together to make sure this Parliament acts and acts quickly.

We need to make sure workers' voices are heard across the state to ensure this legislation remains a priority and gets enough support to be passed.

Every MP needs to know that there is broad based support for a restoration of rights. We want them to bring on the vote!

Sign the petition – ask the Parliamentary committee to recommend the bill be passed without delay.

For our Brisbane-based members, we will be holding a series of meetings to discuss these critical issues – click through to find a meeting near you.

If you would like to run a meeting in your workplace about what these changes mean and what we can do next, please email and we will be in touch.

We’ll have more updates on the bill and its progress as it happens. Please come along to ameetingsign the petition and ask your colleagues to sign too – the MPs need to hear your voice in favour of making sure this bill passes. Bring on the vote!

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