Important backpay update for members in TMR!

Posted on June 4, 2020

Wages and working conditions - Transport and Main Roads Enterprise Bargaining Certified Agreement 2016 and Transport and Main Roads Operational Employees' Certified Agreement 2016

Delegates have been talking with members about taking industrial action and on Monday night your delegates recommended joining your comrades in QLD Health and QLD Protective Services in taking a one hour stop work this Friday, 5 June, to say enough is enough. The Government heard members and today, they have issued a direction to your DG to commence preparation for the payment of your backpay. This is GREAT NEWS!

You can see a copy of the letter here from your DG confirming that they are preparing the backpay. The importance of preparing the pay system now is to ensure there is no delay, once the legislation is passed, for the backpay to be processed. The commitment is still that you will receive your backpay this financial year.

Legislation needs to pass to allow the payment to be made given your agreement isn’t certified yet, this should be done during the sitting week of June 16.  

We have asked TMR to confirm what date the backpay will be scheduled for - as soon as we have those details we will let you know.

It is no coincidence this happened straight after members decided to take action – you are always stronger Together!

Another part of the letter says:

"Government has advised that these payments will be given effect through proposed amendments to the Industrial Relations Act 2016 (the Act).'"

The union office has not been provided with these proposed amendments. We don’t know what they will be. That is why we are also asking you to remain vigilant and please continue to keep up to date with your emails as we may need to discuss these changes and what they mean as we find out more.

Light Vehicle testing

Yesterday, the Minister announced that the recommencement of light vehicle testing will be from the June 15.

It is import to note that the same safety and hygiene measures will be in place as is with the heavy vehicle testing. Information is going out to all CSC and call centre staff this week and will form part of the LED next week.

If you have concerns or questions please let us know.


The department are commencing discussions about transitions back into the workplace including conducting risk assessments – if you have any concerns or questions please reach out, we are here to help.

TMR are committed to consultation with each local area so if that isn’t happening please let us know.

You can email all of your questions to

1800 177 244