Important! Back-pay potential for School Science Officer members

Posted on November 7, 2016

Recently we asked members to let us know if you are receiving a "red-circle" payment as members had contacted us with concerns that they had been underpaid.

This matter has been brought to the attention of regional offices by Together members and HR have noted that there is an issue of underpayment.

Payroll are now looking into this matter and will be paying back-pay to those whose red circle payment has been incorrect.  See communication from Payroll below.  Well done to all members who stand to gain from this action.

“Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We can confirm that you have been underpaid. Payroll will be looking into all the Science Operations Officers who are in the same category as yourself so they will be corrected as well. The arrears will hopefully be processed in PE 27/11/16.”

We also had some members ask about who was entitled to the red circle allowance -  Basically the criteria for you to receive the red circle payment are:-

  • For you to have been employed by the department in the role of Scientific Assistant in 2005 when you were transferred over to the operational pay scale at OO2/3 scale
  • Have reached 003 level 4 and had 12 months service at this level
  • At this point you are entitled to receive a transition allowance that is the equivalent to the OO4 level 1 salary

Provided below is this information taken directly from your Certified Agreement. 

6.6          Science Operations Officers - Classification Structure

Science Operations Officers’ progress in accordance with the following:

Employees identified for Red Circling in accordance with the State Government Departments Certified Agreement 2006 and who were employed as a Scientific Assistant as at 2 May 2005 continue to apply the Red Circling arrangement. This arrangement allows for an OO3 paypoint 4 employee, following 12 months service, to receive an equivalent salary to OO4 paypoint 1.

Thanks to all SOO’s who have completed the questionnaire we are now in the process of compiling all this information for further discussions with members and management and will be in touch again soon to hold another teleconference. 

You can now complete this questionnaire online in Survey Monkey so if you haven’t yet done so its now available HERE

Don’t hesitate to contact us at or 1800 177 244 if you have further questions.

1800 177 244