Immediate change on doctor contracts

Posted on March 3, 2015

Thanks to you we have a new Health Minister and a change of Director-General.

See this document that we intend to use as a basis of our briefing to the new Minister and Acting D-G about doctor contracts.

Your actions last year during contract negotiations, the Stafford and Redcliffe by-elections and during the state election itself, along with fellow union members across the public service, have brought about a change in government. Congratulations!

One of the key reasons for this outcome is the industrial relations policy of the LNP while in government including the unprecedented attack on the state's public doctors and your action to stand up to it.

You have ensured that Queenslanders elected more than 45 members of parliament who support you.

Our union has received strong commitments about collective bargaining rights, industrial conditions and employment security for doctors and all health workers as well as no privatisation of health services from the ALP, Katter’s Australia Party and also from Peter Wellington. You can see some of these here and here.

In the last few weeks Sandy Donald and your other Together medical representatives have been working with me on a model for how immediate change could be implemented to your employment conditions to restore your rights and to protect patients, new senior medical officers and the health system.

The complete program of legislative change may take some time but we believe there are a variety of ways that meaningful change can be implemented by a new Health Minister straight away. Delegates agreed to seek from the new Minister a reiteration of pre-election commitments to fulsome legislative change and to discuss with him immediate actions to restore your rights. 

Please peruse this document which is what we are suggesting we seek from the new government with respect to more immediate action on contracts while we lobby on the legislative reform. Please let me know your thoughts by emailing or calling 1800 177 244.

1800 177 244