Immediate action needed for Payroll staff - lack of consultation about change

Posted on June 22, 2015

You are essential to our Health system. Your employer should support you with good conditions and reasonable workloads and most of all consulting you about changes occurring in your workplace. 

Together Payroll Delegates are very concerned about a number of issues, especially the lack of consultation within Payroll about changes that are happening and this needs to be resolved.

A letter has been sent to  Acting Director General Dr Cleary regarding rostering and time management activities and the integrated Workforce Management (IWFM) Transition Project pilots and the lack of consultation taking place with members in Payroll surrounding these issues. You can see this letter here.

The DG's response to this letter did not address the concerns raised by members - see the response here.

A further letter will be sent to Acting Director General for Health Dr Young today (see it here) outlining members' concerns about the distinct lack of consultation with impacted staff, rather just a process of senior managers making decisions and discussing change amongst themselves.

Now that the law has been changed by the new government, meaningful consultation with you as impacted staff is not only best practice but also mandated. The Department is currently in breach through the actions, or inaction, of payroll management.

To date there has been no consultation on this major organisational change, which has the potential of job reductions, deployment to new locations for existing staff, and alters service delivery arrangements. 

Together Payroll delegates are seeking a meeting with the Director General of Health to discuss the ongoing issue of lack of consultation by payroll management on major organisational change taking place within payroll department.

We are also hopeful that our Together Payroll delegates will be meeting with the Health Minister in the next few weeks about these and other key risks identified by payroll staff. As soon as this meeting date is confirmed we will let you know.

Your Department must cease their practice of keeping staff out of the loop and ensure meaningful consultation happens. If we do not receive assurances to this end this week we can escalate these concerns in line with the rights restored to the QIRC if members support this activity.
As a union member, you care about your colleagues and about your own rights at work. You can make a difference to your conditions through engaging as a group to change things.
You can do this by sharing this communication with everyone in your area and by staying well informed and encouraging your colleagues to join you in your union. 

With your energy and support, Together payroll members can change things for the better in payroll, it has only ever been the staff of the payroll area who have worked together to improve things before and you can again.

PS: In case you missed it there was some good news about a restoration of your rights with the changes to legislation  – something that will be very important in any future restructuring. Here is a link to the email about that.

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