Hunter Review Update - Together members

Posted on June 30, 2015

Last week on Thursday we had the first “union briefing” on the Hunter Review post the release of the report the week prior.

At this meeting all unions were invited however we were the only union in attendance and the AMAQ also sent a representative along from their office. Together was represented by John Conlan (Delegate - Office of the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer) and I at this meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for this Thursday at 3pm.

Thank you to the many delegates who have put their hands up to represent areas impacted by the Review and recommendations – it’s great to have you on board. If you would like to be part of our Steering Committee please let me know.

At the meeting we discussed our initial feedback from Together members to the Review and recommendations.

We passed on members views of cautious optimism – noting that we were very concerned about the “devil in the detail” and would be expecting to be fully consulted once the Business Case was developed.

We also raised the significant concerns from members in Pathology in HSQ that they were “outside the scope” of the review, as were payroll areas and other key parts of the Agency who must be included in strategic planning and are a critical part of clinical and other service delivery.

We will continue to raise these concerns with the new DG when he starts next Monday.

Overall the meeting was very positive, Queensland Health representatives while not able to provide more detail without a finalised business case listened carefully to our feedback and have encouraged delegates to bring forward more to shape the business case going forward. We raised issues that one member had brought to our attention about suggested unit names – this was taken on and they said they had had similar feedback and the names were not yet fixed, which is good to see.

We should continue to raise these issues.

We also pointed out that other restructuring should be stopped so that a single process can occur to avoid burn out for staff and to get a whole picture and robust process all at once.

If you have other issues to raise this week, before we see the Business Case, email us and we’ll add them to our agenda for Thursday.

We will keep you posted on how the meetings progress each week.

The best way to be heard on this and on other issues that matters is when workers like you speak up and act collectively - the first step in doing this is by talking to a colleague to join you in your union. 

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