Hunter Review udpate: Contractors, Business Services Review, Accomodation and more

Posted on September 18, 2015

The Together Hunter review steering committee met with management yesterday and discussed the following:


Union members have raised the issue of the use of contractors with management at many different levels.

On Wednesday 16 September the Health Minister announced in Parliament on that the Queensland Audit Office will be undertaking an external independent review of use of contractors within Department of Health (DoH).

From next Monday (21 September), management will introduce enhanced measures around the engagement and monitoring of the use of external contractors.

These enhanced procedures surrounding the engagement of contractors are designed to support employment security.

The department must ensure that it is actively working towards ensuring employment security for public servants and ensuring that public funds are being put to good use.

Procurement procedures for consultants and contractors have been reviewed and updated by Health Support Queensland and are available on QHEPS.

Management have also acknowledged that the MOHRI cap may have contributed to increases in the contractors, and the Department will consider changes to the cap to reduce their use.

Long Term Temporary Review

The preliminary assessment of temporary staff within DoH has been finalised. The next stage of this review will see emails to divisional business managers to confirm that temporary staff identified do meet requirements under the policy dealing with conversion of temporary employees to permanent status.

This email will be sent shortly and it is anticipated that the review process will still be finalised by end of October 2015 with all temporary staff being notified if they will be converted to a permanent position at this time.

Business Services Review

The Business Case for change regarding the Business Services Review was released on Friday 4 September and feedback closed Friday 11 September, with the final determination by the Director-General to be released shortly.

Together members provided feedback that the review did not meet its intended purpose of equalising resourcing across divisions.  Management acknowledged members' concerns and said that the Business Services Review mapping process had shown that equalising resourcing across the divisions is a far more complex process than initially anticipated. The review team only had finite resources and time to identify a solution which was to focus on better support for SPP division.

In the longer term, the vacancy management process will start the embedding of changes across business services resourcing, thus working towards equitable resourcing across Divisions over time.   

The feedback that members gave "will not be ignored", and will be used to inform ongoing work focused on innovation, process improvement, capacity building and skills development across business services staff. The innovation and business enhancement project will be led by Scott Davies and will pick up on his return from leave.

DDG and senior executive positions

DDG positions have been advertised and interviews finalised. We anticipate an announcement next week as to who the successful candidates are. Commencement dates for DDGs will depend on if the candidates are internal applicants or external, as external applicants may start at a later date.

Functional Statements/Business Operating Model workshops

This week, workshops have been held focused on developing functional statements for each Division and proposed operating models for DoH. The worshops' focus was to get conversations started and identifying touch points across the Department. This work will support changing the culture across the  DoH.  Over 250 people attended workshops, and documents capturing the discussions will shortly be loaded onto the SPARK change collaborate space). All members are encouraged to provide input and feedback on the collaborate space.

Open workshops for up to 300 staff will be held from 6 October.  Staff can register to attend on the SPARK change collaborate space. Details of these forums are:

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