Hunter Review Implementation – Update for Together members

Posted on June 22, 2015

You and other Together members have been discussing the implications and potential impacts of the Hunter review at the meetings held at QHB and Butterfield Street last week. We have also received email feedback about the report at the union office. Thank you to all who have contributed.

During our meetings members expressed a view that they would like to be able to quickly and clearly communicate throughout the change process recommended in the report.

Members have also indicated that:

  • Support for change and a stronger role for the Department/ system manager is widespread.
  • However, there seems to be a push for change to happen before the new DG is in place and before business cases have been prepared and this is a concern. Members are happy with the structure but believe the devil will be in the detail
  • While a clarified structure looks good the "devil will be in the detail".
  • Members want to ensure there is transparency about movement of staff, appointment processes and if there will be staff relocations due to the changes (that is, changes in work location)
  • Members want representatives at the ongoing meetings especially after the business cases are presented. 

Members decided that the most efficient and effective way keep your issues on the agenda and make the best statements to the decision makers will be to have a "steering committee" of interested delegates and members from across the Department meeting regularly, representing the different areas of DoH are guiding and controlling  our union response to the proposed changes and making best use of our “seat at the table” as the business cases are prepared.

The next meeting for unions with the Department about the review and progress is this Thursday afternoon.

For more about the Together Steering Committee and how to get involved click on this link.

If you haven't seen a copy of  the review you can view a copy here.

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PS: remember to ask your colleagues who haven’t joined you as members to join today so that we have a strong and active union going into this major change.

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