HSIA: Last chance to have your say on proposed structure

Posted on February 12, 2016

As you may be aware the Hunter Review recommended the majority of the Office of the Chief Health Information Officer (OCHIO) combine with the Health Services Information Agency (HSIA) to form eHealth Queensland.

The final proposed step in establishing eHealth Queensland is establishing the structures below the newly appointed Chief Executive. You can read the current functional structure here; and the proposed high-level functional structure for eHealth Queensland here.

As union members it is important that you know about these proposals and have a say.

Once the key functions have been agreed, a proposed operating structure will be launched as part of a formal consultation process.

Management have promised to continue to provide union members with updates as to when the operating structure will be launched. They have set out this timeline:

Proposed formal consultation process

  • eHealth Queensland will consult with Together union on the proposed eHealth Queensland structure and implementation in relation to the impact of the change on employees and on the ways to avoid or minimise the effects of the changes (refer to clause 4.6, DHSEA)
    • In relation to clause 4.6, DHSEA, eHealth Queensland will meet with impacted employees so that feedback can be provided on the proposed new structure and implementation
    • Meetings will be scheduled with all employees to advise them of any changes to their role and the impact on their current work. This will also provide employees with an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed new structure and implementation
    • Impacted employees will be provided with a copy of a consultation pack
    • Employee feedback will be responded to in writing
  • eHealth Queensland is committed to maximising employment security for permanent employees (refer to Employment Security Policy)
  • eHealth Queensland will be adopting a direct match methodology for the implementation of the proposed eHealth Queensland structure
  • All employees (permanent and temporary) will be directly matched to a suitable role in the proposed eHealth Queensland structure
  • At this stage it is anticipated that the implementation of the proposed eHealth Queensland structure will not result in any loss of jobs"

If you have any feedback on the proposed functional structure then let us know via email tohealth@together.org.au by COB Tuesday 16 February.

This will also allow us to effectively participate in consultative forums regarding these and other important issues.

We will de-identify and collate your feedback, which will be included in the Together member feedback submission to management.

I look forward to hearing your views on these proposed changes.

Please share this communication with your colleagues.

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