HPs and DOs: Your backpay is coming!

Posted on August 26, 2015


Following the fantastic action by Together members in standing strong and insisting on back-pay to 17 October 2014, Queensland Health have now confirmed that your back pay should be coming to you on 23 September.

Because you stood strong this back pay will have hundreds of dollars more in it. On top of that, your new agreement includes improvements, not cuts to your conditions.

Well done to the Together members who made this happen!

To celebrate we'll be posting you some stickers to wear for the back pay day.

It's a great opportunity to remember why being union matters and why standing up for a fair go is what you do!

The Health Minister has made an announcement about the pay rise. You can read it here.

Remember for any questions about your entitlements get in touch with us and remind your colleagues to join you as members – because it's by being strong together that we win!

PS: Your colleagues who work as AOs, OOs, TOs and POs are still waiting for news of their payrise. Yet again, the Department has simply taken no action on their issues. You know that story all too well! To support your colleagues please go here to sign the petition asking the Minister to act on their payrise too.

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