HPs and DOs Union Win!

Posted on July 23, 2015

When Queensland Health tried to break their promise to deliver a fully back-dated wages offer, Together members took action.

Under the pressure of your meetings, rallies and public activities, Queensland Health have this morning moved their position. 

Thanks to Together members action they have moved their offer of wages backdating from 10 December 2014 to 17 October 2014.

This shift will mean the average HP will be hundreds of dollars better off. Congratulations. 

Now, it is critical that you have your say by voting on the full offer

The offer includes wage increases of 2.5% per year as well as improved working conditions.

Some of the improvements are: 

  • Expanded access to emergency clinical on-call allowance.
  • Access to Professional Development Leave (PDL) and Allowances for temporary employees. Access to leave for temporary staff with greater than 6 months service and access to leave and the allowance for temporary staff with greater than 12 months continuous service.
  • Reinstatement of critical rights like employment security, consultation and commitments to no contracting out.

For full details on the offer, and a reminder of the progress you made last year in fighting back cuts and winning for temporary staff go here.  These wins have been hard-fought and your delegates recommend this offer to you. If Together members had not stood firm last year you would instead be facing 2.2% and cuts to conditions, this is a victory for you.

Only union members can have a say in this ballot. If you know someone who isn’t yet a union member – there has never been a better time to show them what being union is all about – being a Together member and standing up has added hundreds of dollars in back-pay. Ask your colleagues to join online today.

You can vote using a number of channels.

  1. Via SMS to 0416907392 - enter YES/NO - YOUR NAME and Membership Number or Date of Birth.
  2. On the Vote Now website 
  3. Via email to yes@together.org.au or no@together.org.au

Voting will be open until Monday 4 August at 10am.

If you have questions please contact health@together.org.au.

Congratulations on everything you do - the work you do for the health of Queenslanders and for stepping up and taking action for a better deal.

You and every union member who has been involved have demonstrated the power that you have when you act collectively for respect and fair pay.

Don't miss this opportunity to have your say by voting on this offer with the pay date back where it should be.

For some photos of the great protest actions that have brought about this new backdated offer worth hundreds more for you and your colleagues see here.

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