HP/DOs: Make your voice heard.

Posted on December 5, 2014

Make your voice heard.

As you will see from today's email from the Director-General, Together is the only union conducting a ballot of staff affected by the HP/DO agreement proposal.

Together members are the largest group to be covered in this process.

You have been asking for a fair deal from the start. My advice to you is that this proposal is not fair.

It is entrenching a lie being told by this government: that their wage offers are "keeping pace with CPI" when that is simply not true.

Together members have been at the forefront of standing up against the cuts to jobs and health services that this government have implemented.

Your position has been clear since last year - no cuts, wages that keep pace with inflation, making sure temporary staff are given the same advantages (and encourage permanent employment) among other important issues.

Your claims are valid, your position has been reasonable.

In voting no to this proposal you keep your matters live.

Your delegate committee who have been in these negotiations are not happy with this proposal.

I encourage you to have your say - because that's what union members can do - and I recommend that you vote no.

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