HPDOCA update: What the EB10 offer means for your agreement

Posted on October 4, 2019

Today EB10 members received a communication from Queensland Health to settle their agreement.

This is a significant step forward and wouldn't have happened without the personal intervention of Minister Miles following union members being prepared to take strike action.

The EB10 delegate Steering Committee have considered the offer today and have given in-principle agreement in order to secure the back-pay date to 1 September and the improvements contained within this offer.

This offer to EB10 members means NO cuts to conditions; 2.5% and a $1250 'sign on' payment; improvements to employment security for all workers; removing the barrier to locality allowance and finally paying allowances to Torres Strait Islander workers; addressing issues for clinical coders and more.   

This is the best settlement offer we have seen from government in years and it has been delivered in the month after the agreement's expiration, thanks to the organisation and union action taken by EB10 members, with the support of HPDOCA members, and the willingness of Minister Miles to step in when union members made the case.

We expect that our claims which are common to both agreements (EB10 & HPDOCA) will be flowed on to HPDOCA members and this will be clarified at the next negotiation meeting on Tuesday. We will update members on further responses and progress on common claims in relation to both EB10 and HPDOCA negotiations.  

Please take the time to look at the EB10 offer and let us know what your two major issues are that have not been resolved for you as HPDOCA members – what are your two most important claims? Let us know at health@together.org.au or by talking to your delegate.

This will enable us as the Steering Committee to focus on members' major issues in negotiations over the coming weeks.   

Members in EB10 have been able to win significant improvements as a direct result of their preparing to participate in industrial action, their commitment to being involved, and the support and solidarity received from HPDOCA members. Without union members this offer would be cuts to conditions and just 2.5% in wages. Action by Together members has delivered a better working life. 

HPDOCA members can achieve the same improvements to conditions by taking the same actions. The HPDOCA agreement expires on 16 October - less than a week and a half from today. After this date, the period of protected action commences. We need to keep up the pressure as union members and be prepared. What actions your workplace are willing to take to win improvements to your pay and conditions? Tell us what actions your area is prepared to take. 

Let your colleagues know that the time to join their union for better wages and conditions is now.

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