HPDOCA Update - 9 August

Posted on August 9, 2019

Yesterday I went with the Together HPDOCA bargaining team to EB negotiations to argue the case for the new Clinical Assistant stream and for improvements to our working conditions. I was joined today by Andrea, James, Brendan, Lindsay, and Kyle, who represented members from a wide range of clinical “operational” roles which were agreed to move to the HPDO Agreement as a new clinical assistant stream. Also attending was Quaneta one of our HP bargaining representatives.

At the last EB, we won a review of agreed Clinical Assistant roles for inclusion in the EB, but during the review Qld Health didn’t want to commit to anything.  We rallied outside hospitals and through our campaign and by taking action in our workplaces we forced QLD Health to change their mind. In the review last year, Qld Health agreed to set up this new CA stream in the next HPDO agreement.

But members don’t see this as a name change exercise.

On behalf of our Clinical Assistant members we put the case forward for real improvements in our working conditions. In their response, the Department of Health agreed to implement the new structure for CAs, but they have not yet committed to any improvements in conditions for Clinical Assistants as requested by Together members. 

Now it’s up to Together members across the state to make sure Qld Health understands that our work should be respected.

To do that we need to all be in a strong position when it’s time to take action. We need to be talking to all our colleagues about being more involved and being part of a strong union. 

We also call on our HP members to speak with the Clinical Assistants in your worksites to get them involved and to join the campaign for respect and recognition. The list of agreed and disputed clinical assistant roles are listed below.

Agreed Clinical Assistant roles (agreed during CA Review)

  • Occupational Therapy Assistant/Aide
  • Physiotherapy Assistant/Aide
  • Speech Pathology Assistant/Aide
  • Social Work Assistant/Aide
  • Music Therapy Assistant/Aide
  • Podiatry Assistant/Aide
  • Audiology Assistant/Aide
  • Therapy Assistant/Aide
  • Clinical Measurement Scientists and Technicians Assistant/Aide
  • Rehabilitation Assistant/Aide - / Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant/Aide
  • Medical Imaging Assistant and Medical Imaging Services Assistant
  • Leisure Therapist Assistant
  • Nutrition Assistant/Dietetic Assistant/Dietician Assistant-
  • Menu Monitor/Dietary Aide/Nutrition Assistant,
  • Central Specimen Reception Co-ordinator / Manager
  • Dental Assistant (all classifications and however titled)
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Mortuary Attendant/Assistant
  • Prosthetic/Orthotic Technician Assistant
  • Pathology Assistant
  • Pharmacy Assistant
  • Pharmacy Assistant - Patient Care
  • Pharmacy Assistant - Central Pharmacy
  • Phlebotomist
  • Plaster Technician (includes Operational Services Officer- Plaster Technician)
  • Mobility Aide Officer

Non-Agreed Roles (The Review Working Party were unable to reach agreement for inclusion of the following roles – these are included in Together members claim)

  • Recreational Officer
  • Diversional Therapist
  • Home Ventilation Support Worker
  • Vector Control Officer
  • Community Health Aide

Next week we will be discussing more of our members important claims including wages, superannuation and car parking. We also appreciate you continuing to send in your stories about those claim so we can share these at the negotiation table.

Congratulations to the members who are already standing up to protect and improve our hard fought conditions. We will win if we all come together as a strong and active union.

In union,

Rohan Huguenin, Occupational Therapy Assistant, and the Together HPDOCA Bargaining Team 

1800 177 244