HPDOCA Members need to be action ready!

Posted on October 11, 2019

Due to the pending expiry of our current Agreement next week, your Together EB steering committee has decided to ballot Together members regarding industrial action. This is called a “protected action ballot”. This is the process we need to undertake to get action ready so we can secure a good deal with improved pay and conditions – and no cuts to conditions. Voting in the ballot is easy, and it doesn’t mean you take the action, we just need to demonstrate that a majority of members would CONSIDER taking action to send a message.

Following yesterday’s HPDOCA negotiation meeting, there is only one more meeting remaining before the Agreement expires. There is not an offer on the table.

Queensland Health has rejected a large number of our members' important claims, and we have been given strong signals by the employer that more of your critical claims will not be supported. 

That’s why you need to have your details up to date today.

If we want a good deal with improved conditions and no cuts, HPs, DOs and CAs have to be ready to take action just like our colleagues in EB10 were. They had to commit to strike to get a deal. We will likely have to do that too.

Please watch for this ballot email which will be sent on Monday 14 October. More information will be provided about the actions and how you vote for these actions in the ballot email.

Right now, you can encourage other union members to vote for the actions in the ballot once it comes out, and encourage your non-union member colleagues to join so they can take part in the action to send a stronger message. If your colleagues aren’t members now they can't vote to take action and they wont be protected if they do take action. They need to join you as a member right now.

A lot is at stake in this agreement; but, Together Health members have always shown that we are willing to stand up for the right outcome in EB campaigns. Through our commitment to take action in previous EBs, we have made sure that we won critical improvements and protected our conditions. 

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